Blueberry Raspberry Scones

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"Flakey, buttery scone oozing with blueberry and raspberry fruitiness."
I’m the early riser in the family.  Our house is sparsely populated these days.  With J away at school, that only leaves me, H, and our furry friend -both of them preferring to snooze in on Sunday mornings.  I on the other hand, don’t like to waste those quiet, peaceful, early morning hours as the sun is rising and the day is coming into its own.  Those hours are my favorite for baking.  Especially on Sundays, I like to pop out of bed, sneak off to the kitchen, and prepare something special for us to have with our morning coffee.

"Flakey, buttery scone oozing with blueberry and raspberry fruitiness."

On the mornings that I am on my game and manage to pull something from the oven at a reasonable hour, I usually share a bit of the fruits of my labor with my ever so grateful neighbors. Imagine opening your door on a Sunday morning to a platter of warm from the oven scones or muffins. Delivery knock on the door, they open it to find me cloaked in a tattered robe, hair tousled on top of my head, and Uggs on my feet.  I imagine I must remind them a bit of Miss Hannigan from the movie Annie.  They never complain, or even snicker.  They just accept my baked goods with a smile and a genuine thank you – which starts my day out just fine.

"Tender and fruity berry scone."

This past Sunday morning I found myself tearing through my biscuit/scone file for a recipe for Blueberry Scones I have been hanging onto for a while.  H put in a special request months ago – yep, you read that right, months – for blueberry scones.  It just so happened that I found some great looking, and organic nonetheless, berries at the market on Saturday.  I knew if I didn’t use them up immediately, the week would arrive and there they would sit in the refrigerator for days until I had an opportunity to turn my attention back to the oven.  After some serious file digging I located the recipe.  It originated from the Cook’s Illustrated website and entailed a method I had been curious to try.  The butter in this recipe is grated.  I have used that process with a pie crust but never in a scone.  The rolling instructions for these scones are also a bit more involved but well worth the couple extra steps.  Combining these two methods made for a fine textured and tasty scone.

"Berrylicious Scone"

Source: Adapted from Cook’s Illustrated


4 thoughts on “Blueberry Raspberry Scones

  1. Beautiful photos. Really. What does grating the butter get you, that chopping/dicing doesn’t?

    • There are two thoughts behind why grating the butter can be beneficial. The first is one of convenience. It is fast and clean-up is simple consisting of washing just one utensil – the grater. The second theory is that it achieves a flakier product. Grating the butter produces a more uniform result than say a pastry blender or even the food processor which can result in the butter being either over or under processed. When the chilled, grated butter is distributed throughout the dough using the described folding process, the result is a tender and flaky scone. Hope that helps!

    • So glad the scones turned out well for you Amy. The nice thing about this recipe is that you can change up the berries to suit your taste and the season.