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Deep Chocolate Decadence Cookie Recipe
What a happy, happy occasion!  Jael’s dear friend Rebecca is getting married!  Although it takes my breathe away to think we have arrived at this next stage in our kid’s lives, we couldn’t be happier for her and her fiancé Joel.  Rebecca has been part of our family for, well, ever.  I love her as if she were my own.  From the first time we met Joel, we knew he was “the one” for her.  He is a gentle man with a big heart who gives the best hugs ever!  I couldn’t be happier about their upcoming nuptials.  Next to perhaps the birth of a baby, no milestone brings more joy than a wedding.  Eeeeee, I just can’t wait!
Deep Chocolate Decadence Cookie RecipeIn traditional fashion, family and friends gathered to celebrate their engagement.  The joy in the room was palpable.  Rebecca’s hand was repetitiously extended  as one by one the women took a gander at her ring.  Unable to contain our enthusiasm, we nudged the love birds for a wedding date (as yet to be announced).  And as details of the proposal were shared, glasses clinked, affirming the commitment Rebecca and Joel have made to each other, and we to them.
Deep Chocolate Decadence Cookie RecipeAs this occasion was an engagement, and the couple recently engaged are both chocoholics, this deep chocolate and gooey cookie was the perfect dessert to bring to the party.
Deep Chocolate Decadence Cookie Recipe

The Happy Couple

Rebecca and JoelRebecca and Joel


Source:  Alice Medrich’s Cookie Book – Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy


12 thoughts on “Deep Chocolate Decadence Cookies | Engagement Party

  1. What a lovely post Mary! A family celebration and chocolate goodness to share!
    The Chocolate Cookies are indeed irresistibly decadent!

    • It truly is, and yet it isn’t too sweet or chocolatey. The large amount of walnuts helps to temper the overall chocolate in the cookie.

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  3. Hi Mary! I just made these cookies this week and they are already GONE. And my husband doesn’t even like nuts in cookies…he has been converted! Question for you though…what other type of nut do you think might work in this recipe, and what do you think would happen if you left the nuts out completely? I love them the way they are, but I’m making a batch for a friend’s party and thought I could experiment with half the batter. Thanks so much for sharing your baking goodness with the rest of us! BTW I was at your cooking demo at Michelle’s house this month (I’m Angela’s sister) and had a great time…

    • Aimee, so glad the cookies turned out well for you. As far as a nut substitution, really, any nut will work. Experiment, be creative, have fun! As for eliminating the nuts all together, the cookies still might turn out fine but unless I test it I wouldn’t be able to tell you for sure. I suggest you make the batter, bake a couple of cookies before adding the nuts, and see how they turn out. Let me know – you have me curious now.

  4. Thanks so much for your response. I did exactly what you suggested and put a few on the sheet pan before I added the nuts. Result: still VERY good. They spread more/flattened out a bit more than the walnut ones, but were still nice & gooey. I prefer the nuts added but it’s good to know that they still work without them (ie: if you want to make them for someone with a nut “aversion” 🙂 I think I might try macadamia nuts next! Thanks again for the great recipe…