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Chocolate and Cara Cara Orange Quick Bread RecipeLike the tracks of a roller coaster, the path jigged and jagged before me.  My morning began with a retreat to the water’s edge, my own little amusement park perched high above the seashore.  Alone, in this time and space I had set aside for self-care and communing with ‘that which is greater than I’, I found myself preoccupied with the looming tasks of the day.  As the sandy dirt crunched underneath my shoes, my mind’s compass twirled  in all directions.  An internal voice rattled off items from a mental to-do list with the rapid fire precision of an auctioneer conducting a barn sale.  Most were incidental and not at all urgent.   I was finding it difficult to remain focused inward.
Cara Cara OrangesChocolate and Cara Cara Orange Quick Bread RecipeStriding along the bluff, my eyes drifted out over the cerulean body of the Pacific.  Random rocks popped their heads above water, interrupting the tide of the ocean, causing frothy splashes to skyrocket upwards.  In the distance, a spurt of white broke the continuity of the blue waters.  The Grey whales are migrating along the California Coast and I had been witness to one of these grand mammals breathing out, spouting water above its slate-grey body.  With its exhale, I inhaled, an awe-inspiring breath filled my lungs.  Nature had quite literally risen up to greet me, and in that majestic moment, any pre-occupation with the day’s business fell away.  The needle of my compass settled, pointing inward.

Baking is my polar star, pointing me home, nourishing my soul, rejuvenating my psyche.  Cares and concerns fall away as I measure, mix, shape, and adorn. 
Chocolate and Cara Cara Orange Quick Bread Recipe



13 thoughts on “Chocolate and Cara Cara Orange Quick Bread | Why I Bake

  1. Mary, your writing is so beautiful! This little gem was just what I needed this morning to get me moving. And I came for the quick bread! (Of course, I am making it today, thinking of you! XOXO

    • Thank you Lana! That is quite a compliment coming from you. You are one of my favorite writers. You tell the most beautiful stories on your blog. Everyone should jump over and read your work.

  2. What a scrumptious start to the day! A breathtaking walk on the beach and then baking the lush Chocolate Cara Cara Bread! An enchanting post Mary!

  3. I just love your writing, Mary. 🙂 It always brings me at ease. I’m like you, baking is just so therapeutic. This orange quick bread looks wonderful!

    • Lynna, thank you for the compliment. Writing is so personal and some days it takes a lot of courage to put myself out there. Lovely comments from fellow bloggers like yourself definitely inspires me to continue.

    • Absolutely! Cara cara oranges differ slightly in color, and their acidity level is less sharp. However, in this recipe they can easily be replaced with regular oranges.