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Wellesley Fudge Cake RecipeCan you imagine the mayhem that would ensue in today’s world if a top college official banned sweets from the diet of its students. Unimaginable, right?  Believe it or not, in the late 1800s, that is exactly what the founder of Wellesley College did.  “Pies, lies, and doughnuts should never have a place at Wellesley College” declared Henry Durant.  I’m sure he had only the best of intentions in mind for the young women when he sent a letter to their parents stating that ‘the college refused to accept students who were broken down in health, maintaining that a proper diet is key for proper learning, and that “we have therefore decided not to receive any one who will not come with the resolution to obey cheerfully all our rules in this respect, and pledged in honor neither to buy nor receive in any manner whatsoever any confectionery or eatables of any kind not provided for them by the College’.  I’m pretty positive that wouldn’t have been the school for me.
Wellesley Fudge Cake RecipeWellesley Fudge Cake RecipeThe letter may have been signed by all Wellesley attendees, but I’m betting that not everyone honored their commitment.  Legend has it that many of the girls of Wellesley chose to indulge in both sweets and lies by making contraband fudge in their dorms late at night.  The exact details of how their fudge making evolved into a chocolate cake with ‘fudgy’ chocolate frosting is up for debate.  I’m just happy it did.
Wellesley Fudge Cake RecipeI adapted this recipe from one printed in a January 2010 issue of Cook’s Country Magazine.  Initially, I wasn’t overly impressed with the cake component of the recipe.  However, after sitting a day under a cloak of fudgy frosting, the cake took on a whole new personality.  Likewise, the first go-round with the frosting was a total failure.  It was grainy and lumpy and extremely thin.  In the trash it went.  I significantly adapted the recipe to make it my own and the changes resulted in a silky smooth frosting with a perfect spreading consistency.  It will most definitely be my ‘go to’ chocolate frosting recipe.
Wellesley Fudge Cake RecipeWellesley Fudge Cake RecipeThis cake matured beautifully.  Day after day it became more moist and fudgy.   The best slice was the final slice eaten three days after baking the cake.
Wellesley Fudge Cake Recipe

Update to Recipe:  I have received many comments on this cake.  Most have been very positive.  However, some of you have run into problems, mostly having to do with the frosting.  So, recently I went at it again.  I re-tested the recipe.  My findings and notes can be found in this post.  http://www.siftingfocus.com/2016/06/wellesley-fudge-cake-re-visited-baking-recipe/


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  1. It definitely wouldn’t have been the school for me either! Although, its students clearly had other ideas in mind and if the results of banning sweets gave birth to a cake like this then I’m glad such a school had existed!

    The cake looks incredibly moist and that frosting is giving me goosebumps – yum!

    • Nazia, it is a little ironic that the very banning of sweets produced something so special we are still talking about it all these years later.

      • Hi mary.
        M making frosting but the crunch of sugar z still their..frosting is not smooth,confestonr sugar didnt dislove properly,plz help me out m half way done of this cake,now stuck at this point

        • Sonia, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to help you rescue your frosting while you were still in the process. Admittedly, this frosting can be a bit tricky. It must be cooked very slowly over low heat and for the full amount of time required. If you make it again, test the cooked sugar mixture by rubbing a little bit of it between two fingers. Be careful to allow it to cool sufficiently before touching it. As for the powdered sugar, again, it has to be incorporated a little at a time. As long as it has been thoroughly sifted, it should mix in without a problem.

    • This recipe sounds v. much/almost identical, to a mudcake that I make. Only that has double the ingredients! However, your frosting recipe calls for half and half. Half and half – OF WHAT?
      Assume this is America product – never heard of in Oz., but could be a common product under a different name. Could someone please enlighten me??
      Thanks, Jan.

        • Could I use heavy cream instead of half and half? I only have heavy cream at home at the moment.

          • Valerie, I think using cream instead of half and half would work. I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure. If you have some whole milk, you can use half whole milk and half heavy cream. Hope it turns out great!

  2. Got Milk….?

    Just looking at the slab of “cake” had me reaching for a glass!

    But my son said that the cake and the frosting – he actually made a noise when he mentioned the frosting – was unbelievably good.

    Not surprising if it came from your kitchen, Mary.

    Guessing the applications for Wellesley dropped considerably after the Dean’s foolish declaration.

    Another Beauty!

    • A big glass of ice cold milk would be the perfect accompaniment for this cake. As a matter of fact, it was my chaser of choice with every piece I ate. 🙂

  3. Mary, Another breathtaking visual. The back story brings another dimension to your passion and I can only imagine the pleasure I would get enjoying this masterpiece. Thank you for always being an inspiration and for sharing your unwavering joy of baking.

    • Kathy, having appreciative readers leaving kind comments like yours makes it all worthwhile.

  4. What?? You have a new go-to chocolate frosting recipe? What if we really, really liked the old one? 🙂

    Can’t wait to make this. It looks fabulous. Beautiful photos!

    • Michael, this is quite similar to the chocolate frosting I have been making for years, just with a little more versatility. Try it! I think you’ll like it.

  5. A compelling history and a decadent chocolate cake, what a way to begin my day!
    Although I adore Cook’s County recipes and fab tips I’m very pleased to hear I’m not the only one who finds their recipes often need a few changes!

    • Deb, I fear an amateur would have questioned their frosting making abilities and been quite frustrated if they had attempted the Cooks Country’s version of this frosting. Hopefully, with the changes I made, it will result in a delicious frosting for everyone.

  6. Wow, I don`t think I would have been able to discover my love for baking if I had gone to that college at the time! This cake looks like a luscious, chocolate beauty! I would definitely love a slice of this beauty!

    • Half and Half is a combination of milk and cream. You can make your own by combining equal parts whole milk and cream. If you were to substitute one or the other, I would suggest using all cream. It will result in a richer, creamier frosting. Thanks for following along with Sifting Focus.

  7. Oh… my goodness. This cake looks absolutely delicious! I just stumbled upon your blog on pinterest and already you are one of my favorites! 🙂

  8. I just made this cake…..words cannot express the love! Replacing my long time fave Pennsylvania Dutch cake I’ve used for years with this recipe! Held back half a cup of icing to eat with a spoon…..couldn’t help myself!

    • So glad you liked it Erin! And yes, that frosting is pretty irresistible. By spoon is the best way to enjoy it. 😉

  9. This recipe has become a favorite! I’ve made cupcakes and cakes out of it, and they always get rave reviews. My mom requests it often for special events! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe (:

  10. I had a sudden bug to make a fudgy chocolate cake, with limited ingredients and time. I foun this recipe and it looked good, I am SO. HAPPY. that I tried it!
    Wonderful, moist, exactly the kind of fudginess I was looking for! How often does that happen in a recipe search??
    I made half the batter in a narrow pan (link) and drowned it in a simple chocolate+sour cream frosting (lack of ingredients dictated that!) http://www.hanamal.co.il/upload/ProductPics/SmallPic214.jpg
    And there is enough for one more cake <3
    So much yumm.

    • So glad the recipe turned out to be what you were anticipating in a chocolate fudge cake. It definitely made me happy. 🙂

  11. Just about to frost this bad-boy, and it will be consumed in two more days after full maturation on my birthday… I’m literally giggling over the thought.

    • What a delicious way to celebrate your birthday. Mine is right around the corner and I think I just might request this cake from my husband. How wrong could it go? I’ll be right there by his side – and probably giving him directions through the whole process. 😉

    • Many cakes can be made with oil as the fat, however, since I have not tested this recipe with oil I can’t be certain as to how it will turn out. If you decide to try it, please let me know how it goes.

  12. OMG, just looking at the piece cake made me want to give the recipe a shot. it sure looked super soft and moist.

  13. I find this terribly amusing as Wellesley College has long supported the rumor(?) that it has an ice cream endowment–that is funds specifically donated to provide ice cream in every dining hall. The ice cream certainly exists, though I can’t vouch for the endowment. The tradition of adapting a recipe for dorm life (~95% of Wellesley students still live in the dorms) was alive and well during my time. I had nearly perfected a recipe for skillet brownies.

    This cake looks delicious! and I’ll support anything inspired by my alma mater 🙂

  14. Ciao bellissima torta io sono Italiana esattamente da Lombardia un dolce stupendo bravissima .

  15. Wow! I made this last night and it is fantastic! The frosting is labor-intensive, but SO worth the effort! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  16. Hi! Do you think this frosting can be made the day before and stay in the fridge until I’m ready to frost it?

    • Jackie, I haven’t tried making this frosting ahead so I can’t 100% say it will work. However, I think it should. Before frosting the cake, bring it back to room temperature and give it a good stir, or even a brief whipping with a whisk or mixer. If you do give it a try, please let me know how it works. Good luck!

  17. Hi! I am supposed to be making this cake tomorrow for my dad’s birthday and I went out to buy everything I needed and my grocery store does not have dutch-processed cocoa! Ahh! So, I bought a mixture of half natural and half dutch processed cocoa. Can someone please tell me if this will mess up the cake?! I’m kind of freaking out:)

    • The cake should turn out just fine. Sometimes it matters what cocoa you use in a recipe. Sometimes they’re interchangeable. I don’t think you’ll have any problems.

  18. Stop!!! Do not attempt to make this cake in 2, 8″ round pans – It spilled all over in my oven and we had to pull them out, dump the batter and open every window for the smoke that filled the house. THREE pans are required if you use 8″ rounds. Ugh!

    • Lee, I wish I could tell you that this cake would be great as a dairy-free cake but I don’t think it would have a good outcome. Even if you used a suitable egg substitute, I don’t know a substitute for buttermilk. If anyone out there does, please enlighten us. That said, a milk substitute would likely work in the frosting. If you give it a try, please let me know. I’m sure there are many ‘dairy free’ cake lovers that would love to know as well.

  19. Mary,
    I’m ecstatic to attempt making this beautiful cake. I’m a beginning baker and I’m wondering about some simple instructions.
    “Transfer to a large bowl. Slice remaining butter into 4 pieces and stir in with the remaining half and half. Add the chopped chocolate and the vanilla and stir until smooth. Slowly whisk in the confectioners’s sugar and cocoa until incorporated. ”
    Do you add these remaining ingredients into the large bowl with the other, already mixed and heated, ingredients? So after this step has been done all of the ingredients should be in the same large bowl, correct?
    I appreciate your help. I’d love to get it right the first (or first few) time.

    Happy Sunday Baking!!

    • So sorry if my recipe was confusing Jessica. I clarified the instructions and updated the recipe so it now reads more clearly on my blog. And yes, all the ingredients end up in the large bowl. Please let me know how it turns out.

      • Baking Update:
        As of now it seems that the cake was a success. I had a tiny slice and it was delicious. Can’t wait for Day 3 to savor the fudge cake and I’ll probably have it for breakfast. ha ha

        Thank you so much for your help. Your instructions were so helpful and easy to follow. I appreciate it!

  20. I’ve just baked it and it’s absolutely amazing and moist. I didn’t have buttermilk, so I replaced it with half milk half yoghurt and it turned out perfectly. I may consider adding chocolate chips or nuts next time too :))

    Thanks a lot!:)

  21. My husband offered to buy me a cake for my birthday but I knew I could find a yummier one and enjoy the fun of baking too. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. My whole family approves, they were trying to canoodle extra pieces 🙂

  22. I made this just now… halved the frosting and it didn’t turn out good T-T I’m so bummed right now >_< it's like the sugar didn't dissolve well

    • I’m sorry to hear that the recipe wasn’t successful for you. Some recipes won’t work as well when reduced by half. You might want to try the recipe again and make the full amount. You can always refrigerate any extra frosting for another use.

  23. Oh, I remember when this cake was in the magazine, because I went to Wellesley and had never seen or heard of it while there. I will absolutely have to make this now that you’ve reminded me, because it looks AMAZING– and the frosting you came up with is gorgeous!

    • Stephanie, it’s no wonder this cake has stood the test of time. If you do decide to make it, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

  24. This cake is cooling on my counter right now! I weighed out my flour (312.5 g) and this is the first cake I’ve made from scratch that has turned out edible. I did let the cakes cool for about 20 minutes in their pans, but next time I would let them cool longer as the bottoms stuck to the pan. Or, I would advise that you line the bottom of the pan with parchment pan in order to avoid the issue I had! I’m sure it’s nothing that a little bit of icing won’t fix though. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    • So happy it turned out successfully for you Robyn. Parchment paper more than likely would do the trick. Cake pans differ and some release better than others. The paper would guarantee a clean release. And yes, icing fixes everything! 🙂

  25. This is super helpful! I’m always googling stuff like this when I get to my pantry and don’t have the right ingredient! thanks for posting

  26. I’ve made this cake 3 times now and it is really, really good – my favorite by far. I definitely agree that it tastes better a day or two later. My frosting never turns out as pretty as yours but I coat the outside in mini chocolate chips and no ones knows what a bad job I did on the frosting 🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

    • Edie, I am enticed by a chocolate cake no matter what it looks like. If it is chocolate cake, and it has chocolate frosting slathered all over it, I’m there with a fork ready to dive in. No matter what the frosting looks like, covering the cake with chocolate chips would be well received by everyone, I’m sure!

  27. You r awesome! i am in process of making this cake… The picture looked so tempting i wanted to just pick it up and eat! Iv just made the frosting and left it to chill but i just couldnt stop myself from licking all the tools clean! I just hope it reaches the perfect spreadable consistency after being chilled..

      • It Did! and i couldnt stop myself from having some spoonfuls of it :D..thankyou for sharing this

  28. Was looking at websites from Pinterest and saw this recipe. Loved the story, and the cake looks delish. I have a suggestion you might want to try the next time you make this cake: instead of adding the water to the cake, make that 3/4 cup of water into a cup of strong coffee. It will add more flavor, though not a coffee flavor! I have two favorite chocolate cake recipes and both call for strong coffee. I plan to try this recipe soon. Thanks!

    • Thanks Lori for the suggestion! I often add coffee to my chocolate recipes. It gives chocolate sweets a wonderful boost of flavor without being discernible. Hope you enjoy the cake. I just made it again last week and took it to a party. It was a big hit!

    • I would love to try coffee! Has anyone tried it?
      And would you do it the same? “hot” coffee? And why a cup instead of 3/4?
      I’ve seen a lot of recipes with the coffee. So I’m interested😆 but don’t wanna mess up a good recipe.

      • Delia, I apologize for such a late response but I took a break from my blog over the Holidays. I think coffee could be a great addition, but I haven’t tried it myself. Coffee shows up quite often in the ingredient lists of many chocolate recipes. If replacing the hot water with coffee in this cake, I would keep the measurement the same – 3/4 cup.

    • Thanks Nita! It is my favorite chocolate cake, mostly because of its fudgey nature. Glad you’re a fan too! 🙂

  29. Also the frosting recipe is rich and wonderful. Big hit with the family. Also when serving this cake I served just a one inch by two inch slice because it is so rich. Served some with a dollop of fresh whipped cream others with a small dollop of vanilla ice cream but I like it with a glass of cold milk. Yum

  30. I made this frosting and it turned out great. I had to use some heavy cream at the end to thin it out because it was a bit thick for my taste. It was great nevertheless. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you liked the frosting Nicole. And yes, it can be a little finicky, either a little too thin or a little too thick – but oh so worth it!

      • My frosting came out absolutely perfect. I put it in the fridge for one hour then took it out and gave it a bit of a mix up for about 30 seconds. Then I let it warm up a bit maybe ten minutes and frosted the cake. Perfect texture. Not too thin not too thick. Just perfect and fudgey. I used a nine inch pan and the cake turned out fine. Would probably use eight inch next as I like a bit more cake to the frosting. Has anyone ever made cupcakes with this recipe? I bet they would be heavenly !

  31. Hi, made this cake yesterday and it was chocolatey and moist…just the kind of chocolate cake I wanted…and the frosting is divine would say though that I might lessen the amount of brown sugar in the future if it’s possible? But otherwise perfect fudginess. I’m so happy I found your blog.

  32. The cake is good and the frosting is ok, but if I do this cake again I would reduce the sugar in the frosting a lot and increase the chocolate by double. It tastes more of sugar than chocolate and it is grainy.

    • Suzanne, another commenter also suggested reducing the sugar in the frosting. If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out. As for the frosting being grainy, be sure the brown sugar is completely melted before moving onto the next stage. Rub a small amount of the brown sugar mixture between your fingers to check that the sugar has completely melted. It should not feel grainy at all.

  33. Making this right now. The cake is cool, and the frosting is cooling. Wow, that frosting tastes good. It’s really glossy and smooth. I can’t wait to frost the cake and eat it. It’s our 38th anniversary tomorrow, and I’m making it for that. My husband and I both love chocolate cake.

    • Happy Anniversary Terry (and husband)! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate lasting love than with Chocolate!!

  34. I wish I had trusted my instinct when I read “Initially, I wasn’t overly impressed with the cake component of the recipe.”
    The frosting is quite nice, though I had to adjust it because it was way too sweet for my taste. The cake is a little dry and plain and crumbly. Maybe I cooked it a minute or so too long? Anyway I will keep looking for a cake recipe but might use this frosting again. Thanks!

    • I’m so sorry Lindsay that you did not have success with this cake. It is such a delicious cake. Over-baking may have been the problem. Ten different bakers can bake the same cake and get different results, for a number of reasons. If you are still searching for a great chocolate cake, try this one. http://www.siftingfocus.com/2012/04/chocolate-fudge-birthday-cake-baking-recipe/ I, and many family members and friends, have been making it for years. If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out. Thanks for following along at Sifting Focus.

  35. Just have this baking in my oven and your baked cake looks much darker and richer in colour than my batter I used Dutch cocoa could you provide a photo of your cake batter

    • Jenn, unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of the batter. Different brands of cocoa will give varying results. Also, batter darkens as it bakes, so your cake will likely look much more like my cake once it comes out of the oven. Let me know what the final result is. Thanks for following along at Sifting Focus!

  36. I wanted to thank you for this recipe! I’m super picky about chocolate frosting and have never found one I really loved — until now. This frosting is amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing (and I rarely make anything without changing something). It is very sweet and very rich, but that is fine by me! I wasn’t super impressed with the cake part the first day (it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t exciting, either), however by day two the whole cake had melded together into the most amazing chocolate cake I’ve ever had. In the future I will plan on making it a day early. Thanks again!

    • Thank you so much Michelle for such a lovely comment. Oh, and that frosting! I eat spoonfuls of it when I make this cake. I can’t help myself! I completely agree with you that this cake is much better on day two, and I mention that in my post. I’m glad you enjoyed the cake as much as I did.

  37. I was really looking forward to eating a great fudge cake tonight, but unfortunately I had the worst experience with this cake. The batter was very light in color, and the finished cake as well. Not at all like the cake in the pictures. The cake overflowed in my oven to the point where it smelled like burnt sugar all over the house. Once cooled, I tried to flip the cake over but it all crumbled out. This cake is definitely nothing like the pictures at all. I am left wondering if I should just toss it away or try to make some kind of cake balls or trifle out of the remnants. I am not a new cook, and in fact, make cakes of all kinds on a regular basis. This one just did not make the list for me. 😔

    • I’m so sorry that this recipe didn’t work for you. I will share a few thoughts incase you ever want to give it another try. I used Vahlrona cocoa in this recipe which is a dark cocoa that produces a deeper chocolate color. As for the cake spilling over during baking, I have edited my recipe to specify using cake pans that are at least 1 1/2 inches deep. That is the size I used when baking my cake. Here is a link to another cake you might enjoy. I have made it dozens and dozens of times. It is our go-to cake and remains the favorite for all our family celebrations.

  38. I just made this cake, and it went perfectly until i had to assemble and frost it. I honestly did the recipe perfectly. The frosting had a lot of the brown sugar and confectioners sugar un-dissolved. And when i went to get the cakes out of their 8x8s they fell apart when i tried putting them on top of each other, even though i had a layer of frosting in between to hold them together. So i just had to frost over the mess.

    • Sarah, thank you for your feedback on this recipe. Even experienced bakers can get differing results when making the same recipe. Change the cake pan material, use a different brand of ingredient, or even the temperature and air moisture can make a difference in the same recipe. Many have found success with this recipe and some have struggled. If you haven’t read some of the other comments, I would start there. With all the input I get with this recipe, I think I might re-test and post my findings. Stay tuned!

  39. I just made this cake and it fit fine in my two 9″ round cake pans that I lined with parchment paper. My frosting turned out perfectly and I’ve licked the spoon like a little kid. Sooo good. I have to wait until tomorrow evening to taste it as I am bringing it to my son’s house for his birthday but I feel confident it will be wonderful. Thank you for a beautiful recipe!

    • Sandy, your comment made my day! There has been a lot of action in the comments section of this recipe. Many have met with success when making this cake, and many have run into problems. Just this past weekend I decided it was time to re-test the recipe just to make sure I hadn’t missed something. I hadn’t. The cake turned out beautifully once again. Granted, there are a few more steps in making this fudgy frosting than in a basic confectioners’ sugar frosting, but if the directions are followed, the frosting turns out perfectly. I will be posting my findings from my re-test in the next few days. Thanks again for reporting in, and I’m thrilled the cake turned out for you.

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  41. This recipe looks fantastic!
    Just wondering if the chocolate frosting can be piped or if it’s too loose?

    • Carrie, this frosting can definitely be piped as long as you allow it to set up to a piping consistency. You might want to frost the cake while it is still spreadable, then wait until it firms up a bit longer to use it for piping.

  42. Do you know how many cups the batter makes? I love this cake and I am making it for someone and they want a 10″ cake, so I don’t know that one will do. Thanks!

    • Kathi, I have never measured the batter but I have baked it in two 9×2-inch round pans and it worked perfectly. If you want a 2 layer 10″ cake, I would 1 1/2 the recipe. The only ingredient that would be difficult to measure precisely would be the water. I would use a glass measuring cup and just eye-ball it. Don’t fill the pans more than two-thirds full. Let me know how it turns out!

      • I made the cake today and did the 1 1/2 recipe for the 10″ pan and it was perfect. It took longer to cook but turned out great. Thanks so much for the help.

        • Kathi, I should have mentioned that it would take longer to bake. Glad it turned out for you, and thanks for letting me know.

  43. I made this for my sister’s birthday party. We both really love chocolaty desserts! The frosting was divine!! When I make it again, I plan to divide the cake into three 9″ rounds to end up with thinner cake layers and make a recipe and a half of the frosting. The recipe is great as it’s written. I just prefer a higher frosting to cake ratio. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Katrina, I’m so glad you enjoyed the cake. And, I’m with you on the ‘more frosting is better’ concept, especially this particular frosting. It is definitely the star in this recipe.

  44. I’ve made this frosting several times over the last months and I can tell you that find it extremely satisfying. Around my house, we call it my “second husband frosting.” If anything happens to my husband, I will immediately begin a love affair with this frosting. I’ll marry it when the appropriate mourning period is over.

    • Lauren, I’m so sorry for the delayed response. I took a short break from blogging over the summer and only now did I receive your question. If it is still helpful, the cake calls for wet buttermilk.

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  46. I just made this and it went horribly. It crumbled to pieces and when I put the frosting on it just wouldn’t stick to the cake. I made the cakes twice because I had the extra time and was curious about if I followed the recipe wrong and both times it came out the same. It tastes pretty good, but the cake is not as dense or cohesive as I would have thought. Is there any explanation as to why this might be happening?

  47. Hi Mary,

    Ever since I made your cherry cake this was next on my list of adventures. I just needed to find the cocoa and last weekend I looked up, saw Sur La Table and knew it was time. I had a party for my boss today and this was my dessert of choice. I was going to make two, but I neglected to recall that I don’t have enough pans or for that matter two 8″ squares, so one round cake was the result. It seems if I am going to keep make your cakes I will need to add more pans to my cupboard!

    The frosting turned out almost perfect. It was slightly too loose to hold the swirls as nicely as I would have liked. I think I should have kept it on the burner to thicken up just a smidgen more. The flavor though was perfect and there was no hint of any granules mentioned in other reviews.

    Next I took the cake to my office and left it there for two days, out of my line of sight to get it aged just right! This cake was sensational. I ended up stealing the last bit and bringing it home. Since you live in LA I will tell you I thought the chocolate caramel sea salt cake at Republique was the best, but this is much better.

    Next up the beer cake or the malted cake…Thank you!!

  48. I really, really wanted this to be “that cake” but alas it did not compare to my old standby. The frosting is amazing but the depth of flavor to the cake was missing. Yes, it does improve with age but I will continue to use the Hershey’s Collectors Cake recipe posted on the cocoa tin along with their buttercream frosting. It never disappoints.

    • There are so many great Chocolate Cake recipes out there Tina, and I too, love the Hershey’s chocolate cake recipe and have made it many times. I love the history and story behind the Wellesley Fudge Cake, and that frosting is one of my favorites.

    • Katie, all cake recipes do not translate well to cupcakes. I’m not sure this recipe would be a good one for cupcakes.

  49. I made this recipe for my grandmother’s birthday and it turned out just perfectly (I was worried because I just used regular cocoa powder not dutch process which is hard to find.)

    It was delicious. Amazingly delicious actually. The frosting was wonderful and I had no problem making it.

    I made this in 2 round cake pans about 8 1/2 wide and 2 inches deep. Turned out just great.