Berry Crumble ‘Mini’ Pies

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Berry Crumble 'Mini' Pies RecipeMarrying the love of my life came with sacrifices.  We met in my hometown while he was there on business, and if we were going to pursue our relationship, I would have to move to Los Angeles.  I fell hard and quickly, and my bags were packed just nine short months after our first date.  I never looked back, which if you knew me then, was completely out of character.  If an award was given for ‘least likely to move away from home’, I would have won it.  I was a homebody, spending more time with my parents during my late teen years than with friends.  A bit strange, I’ll admit.  From the first glance into H’s eyes, I was smitten.  A current much stronger than my desire to stay close to home carried me swiftly to the West Coast.  My Dad cried when I told him I was moving to California.  My mom did not.  At least she didn’t cry in front of me.  Being the sixth of ten children, she had probably grown impervious to the whims of her children by then.  Maybe she thought it was just an impetuous move, by an infatuated young girl, caught up with the prospects of life in the City of Angels.  Or perhaps, when you have that many kids, giving one up to migration is less traumatic than when you have an only child.
Berry Crumble 'Mini' Pies RecipeAt the time, I gave little thought to what my mother was FEELING about me moving so far from home.  I was single, no children.  How could I even begin to imagine what a mother experiences when a child leaves the nest.  In retrospect, I believe her dispassion in the face of turning loose one of her brood was an armored facade, allowing my departure to be as easy on both of us as possible.
Berry Crumble 'Mini' Pies RecipeWhen Jael left for college, I did not don an emotional suit of armor.  My wardrobe did not contain armor.  Rather, emotions gushed from me like water spilling from a broken dam.  I have guilt about that.  I pleaded for the strength my mother possessed, but it did not arrive in time to lessen the burden I imposed on Jael.  That was nearly five years ago.  I’m surviving.  I see her and my mom quite often.  I am lucky in that way.  However, this year on Mother’s Day I found myself far from both of them.  It felt odd and inappropriate.  Being in that space illuminated the juxtaposition I find myself in at this stage of my life.  I am a daughter, and a mother.  I said a good-bye to my mom , and I have been the mom to whom a good-bye has been uttered.  I have lived long enough to see my mother’s heart reflected in my own eyes.  As such, I must revise history.
Berry Crumble 'Mini' Pies RecipeThis Crumble has little to do with anything I shared above, other than a warm comfort-food dessert always makes me feel closer to home.  I devised this recipe for all those who shy away from making ‘from scratch’ pie dough because the prospect of rolling out a pastry sends them running to Marie Calendar’s.  In this simplified version, all that is required is the whirling together of a few ingredients, then pressing the crust into the pie dish.  This recipe makes four hefty personal pies.  If you are feeling generous, they are large enough to share with a fellow pie lover.  Blueberries and raspberries make for a berry-licious Crumble, however, feel free to experiment with whatever fruits are in season.

Berry Crumble 'Mini' Pies Recipe 


12 thoughts on “Berry Crumble ‘Mini’ Pies

  1. As the object of your affection, I can only thank the Fates that I stumbled into Cincinnati the day I did.

    As part of my loving, husbandly duties, I pledge to support you in your therapeutic use of baking; it’s the least I can do for the love of my life.

  2. Now this is my kind of pie – easy! Love that potholder!!

    You are a great mom and daughter. The bonds that hold you all close together are so strong that they transcend location.

  3. Meant to ask about the coconut oil. Does it leave a coconutty taste? Why do you use it?

    • Funny you should ask. It really depends on which brand of coconut oil you use.
      I have found that the Trader Joe’s brand has very little coconut flavor compared to the Spectrum brand. I used the Spectrum brand in these tarts and the added coconut flavor was a plus. Which ever you have on hand will work just fine.

  4. A beautiful post of longing and acceptance. I am also a mother and a daughter and find myself reflected in each of them. A door to the past serves a mirror to the future. I hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day! With a sweet, buttery treat of Mini Berry Crumble Pies I could stay focused on the moment without a care in the world!

  5. It must to hard for any mother, or parent, to have their child grow up and move away. This past Mother`s day, my mom wasn`t able to spend it with two of my sisters since they were away in college. I wondered how my mother must have felt, but I hope she knew all her daughters missed her!

    There`s something special when pies are miniaturized. These look beautiful for the Spring and Summer months. 🙂

  6. About the butter and coconut oil, should that be fifteen seconds? Fifteen minutes sounds…dangerous.

    • Anna, thank you so much for catching that mistake. I have corrected it, and hopefully, before anyone ‘fried’ their butter and coconut oil in the microwave.

  7. What a lovely post! I had the pleasure this past Mother’s Day of getting to be with both of our daughters and their families for the first time in forever and it was so special! They both moved far away when they first left home, and now they are both back within just a few hours drive and it’s just so nice to be together.

    Love this pie and the crust is brilliant – we will have fresh berries here very soon, so I’m filing this away for then! thanks! 🙂

    • Donalyn, what I wouldn’t do to have my daughter within a few hours drive. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. She still has post-grad school to finish and who knows where she will end up then – but a mother can always hope, right? Let me know if you make the pies and how they turn out for you.