Vanilla Bean and Pear Jam Scones

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Vanilla Pear Jam Filled Scones RecipeI thought I had done just about everything possible with a scone.  Sweet and savory.  Nuts, dried fruits, and herbs.  Chocolate, coffee, glazed, and filled with streusel.  However, I had never thought to make a depression in the top and add a touch of jam.  Alice Currah of Savory Sweet Life did.  Alice was recently interviewed  for Where Woman Cook Magazine where she shared a glimpse into her very busy life as a blogger, PBS Digital cooking show host, author, photographer, mother, wife…basically a woman who successfully wears many hats.  Although I have been following Alice’s blog for quite a while, I enjoyed learning a little more about her, her past, and what she cited as the reasons she is so passionate about developing recipes that are cost and time effective, without compromising taste.  Her basic philosophy is, keep it simple but delicious.  That is exactly what she accomplished with these flaky, buttery scones.
Vanilla Pear Jam Filled Scones RecipeWho among us hasn’t baked, or at least eaten, a thumbprint butter cookie filled with jelly or jam?  Well, Alice took that sweet little cookie one step further and made thumbprint scones.  How’s that for thinking outside the box.  Scone lovers will be celebrating Alice’s ingenuity.  I know I am.  The beauty of a well developed recipe is that it lends itself well to adaptation.   I have made these scones more than once, putting a new spin on them each time. The first time I made them I kept it really simple.  No changes to Alice’s recipe, and I used a basic cherry jam.  The second time I made them, I added walnuts, filled them with orange marmalade, and added orange zest to the glaze.  The third version charmed my taste buds further and quickly became my favorite.  All the credit goes to the flowery Vanilla Bean and Pear Jam by Shady Acres that I nabbed when I was at Baked Bakery a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a killer jam.  I just wish I would have brought a few more jars home with me.  Luckily, it’s available online.
Vanilla Pear Jam Filled Scones RecipeIf you are a scone lover, you will want to dog-ear this recipe.  I’m certain you will want to refer back to it over and over again as the foundation for any scone you can dream up.  O my, I just thought of another yummy combination while typing this paragraph.  For a savory take on an otherwise sweet biscuit , fold in scallions and goat cheese,  filling the center with a piquant pepper jelly.  Yes, I must try that one soon.
Vanilla Pear Jam Filled Scones Recipe


Source:  Alice Currah of Savory Sweet Life via Where Women Cook Magazine

6 thoughts on “Vanilla Bean and Pear Jam Scones

  1. I love reading Alice’s blog. This is a brilliant idea, indeed!! I adore thumbprint cookies and this is bringing two very classic recipes together. Love your walnuts addition. That jam also sounds amazing.

    • Lynna, I do believe you would love both the scones and the jam. The vanilla bean adds such a unique flavor to the jam.

  2. This is right up my alley! Sweet, but not too sweet, easy and simple. Please do bake the goat cheese and red pepper version. I have both currently in my fridge. fridge! Great photos – I especially like the first and last.

    • I know you would love this scone Sher. Something we can make on the boat this summer. Remind me!

  3. As a fellow scone lover I am smitten with your tasty flavor pairings and lush descriptions! A recipe worthy of a lazy Sunday brunch. (With leftovers for the ever dreaded Monday morning!)

    • Deb, I often tuck a few weekend scones away to carry me into Monday. They reheat quite well. And fortunately, I’m not very picky.