Chocolate Spice Madeleines

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Chocolate Spice Madeleines RecipeMore than any other year I can remember since moving West have I longed for the Fall weather I knew growing up in Kentucky.  I want to shiver in the mornings as I slip from underneath my down comforter and head for the shower.  I want to stow my flip flops, and pull on my boots, and wrap knitted scarves around me to keep the chill from my neck.  My coats hang dusty and limp in the closet.  Firewood stacked outside the door continues to season in the warm California sun.  I drink my lattes with ice.  These November days, the Mercury rising toward ninety, have me on watch for any sign that Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Can my senses be fooled?  Can I will the weather to turn a hand toward Autumn, bringing crisp nights and chilly mornings with it?  Where are you Mr. Autumn?   Have you skittered on by in your haste to reach winter?  I summon you with pumpkin scented candles.  I hang a wreath adorned with burnished leaves of gold.  And I bake.  The aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves delude the mind and satisfy my longing for the season.  It is the best I can do.
Chocolate Spice Madeleines RecipeChocolate Spice Madeleines Recipe


8 thoughts on “Chocolate Spice Madeleines

  1. Oh sweet memories! The seasons of California are so unique. Sunshine when we least expect it always makes me feel like we live in another country– away from all those places that have real “weather”. But the leaves are falling from our neighborhood trees and I found my warm slippers in the back of the closet. I made my first batch of Autumn Spice Mix and am mixing it in my mid-morning coffee. I’ll bring the coffee if you’ll share a few of the heavenly spiced madeleines and we can sit in the California sunshine and share our autumn dreams….

    • Deb, we finally have Fall weather in So Cal. The fireplace is burning and as I type this, I am all snuggled up on my sofa. Aaahhh!

  2. Fall is my fave and if it hadn’t arrived already then I would definitely try to fool myself too! Your madelines look delicious – I can’t remember the last time I ate one and your photographs are bringing on some serious cravings.

  3. California`s Fall is very weird. We get weeks where it`s ridiculously warm and then we have those really cold days. I feel like it just goes back and forth!

    This recipe looks like a chocolate dream come true! I love baking madeleines and I`ve been meaning to try different recipes.

  4. Madeleines have always been a favorite of mine. These chocolate ones elevate them to super star status . Can’t wait to try them!