Umbrian Snowflake Cookies

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Umbrian Snowflake Cookies RecipeIt was the ‘snow’ covered look of these festive cookies that stole my heart.  I felt certain that whatever surprise was hidden inside, it would be just as enticing as the powdery flakey exterior.
Umbrian Snowflake Cookies RecipeUmbrian Snowflake Cookies RecipeSnowflakes rarely dance about in Southern California, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get our snowflake fix in other ways.  When I spied these darling cookies in Saveur this month, I was immediately smitten.  Who knew the folks of Umbria like cornflakes just as much as we Americans.  In fact, everything about these cookies is more American to me than Italian.  Seems they took the basic chocolate chip cookie and fancied it all up with cornflakes.  The cereal plays double duty here; crushed and added to the batter, and whole flakes on the outside.
Umbrian Snowflake Cookies RecipeUmbrian Snowflake Cookies RecipeOur only snowflakes around here might be an hour’s drive away in our local mountains, but until I make it to the real snow, I can get my snowflake fix by sneaking into my stash of these cookies hidden inside the freezer.  Shhh!
Umbrian Snowflake Cookies Recipe



7 thoughts on “Umbrian Snowflake Cookies

  1. Such an enchanting ode to holiday cookies! We won’t have any snow either but all this winter rain brings a sigh of relief for our beloved California. I can easily envision a pot of steaming tea, a plate of Snowflake Cookies and the rain and wind lashing outside my door. What a wonderful holiday!

    • Rain is coming! Sounds like the perfect afternoon. I’ll take your suggestion…tea, cookies, and maybe a good baking book. ;

  2. Perfect winter cookie! Putting these cute little things on my Christmas cookie list this year. Your photography is always beautiful Mary.

  3. There are so many recipes of yours that I can’t wait to try, but this will have to scoot to the front of the line – I just know the kids will want to help (making AND eating!) 🙂