Chocolate Banana Bread – Plain and Simple

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Chocolate Banana Bread RecipeBananas represent a kind of edible security blanket for me.  Never a need to feel hungry if there is a bunch of canary yellow bananas sitting on my counter.  A quick and nutritious snack is always at hand.  And although bananas make a constant and predictable appearance in my market basket,  I fade in and out of my love affair with them.  I am fickle that way.  I will eat a banana religiously every morning for months, and then, just like that, I snub them for days.  It’s during those periods that the poor fellows sit forgotten, and ripen past a point of where I would even consider eating one.  For me, a banana has about a one day window of optimal appeal before those little brown freckles begin to dot their skin and send them over the hill.
Chocolate Banana Bread RecipeChocolate Banana Bread RecipeI detest throwing any food away, and see absolutely no reason to dispose of a banana, even those that have lingered beyond their prime.  An overly-ripened banana brings natural sweetness and nutrients to smoothies, muffins, pancakes, ice cream…  and my personal favorite, this chocolate quick bread.  I’ve been making it for years and I think it just might become your favorite too.
Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe



Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe 

One thought on “Chocolate Banana Bread – Plain and Simple

  1. I’m the same way with bananas, as soon as they speckle, they are ready for baking.
    I’ve never tried making Chocolate Banana Bread and realize I’m missing a wonderful opportunity. Using up all the ripe bananas AND having chocolate! Must remedy this baking omission! (And keep my resident chocolate lover happy!)