Triple Coconut Macaroon Cake

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Triple Coconut Macaroon Cake RecipeThere’s no ambivalence when it comes to coconut, either you’re a lover, or a hater.  I’m a lover.  My love affair with coconut began way back in my childhood, somewhere between my first Mounds Bar and my Dad’s German Chocolate Cake.  Now all grown up, I satisfy my taste for coconut in a variety of ways, from sweet to savory, and now with this Triple Coconut Macaroon Cake.

Recently, on a mission to go through and clean up stacks of food magazines that had accumulated throughout the house, I came upon this cake recipe.  A tri0 of coconut ingredients convinced me to rip the page from the magazine before tossing it in the trash.  The original recipe was titled Coconut Crunch Cake, however, I found the cake to be more chewy (in a macaroon kind of way), than crunchy, so I re-named it.
Triple Coconut Macaroon Cake RecipeTriple Coconut Macaroon Cake RecipeThe trifecta of coconut ingredients in this cake more than amused my coconut taste buds.  The natural sugars in the coconut caramelize as the cake bakes to a golden brown.  Enjoy an unadorned slice with a cup of coffee, or drizzle it with warm chocolate sauce for an impressive dinner party dessert.
Triple Coconut Macaroon Cake RecipeTriple Coconut Macaroon Cake RecipeTriple Coconut Macaroon Cake Recipe



Adapted from Martha Stewart Living

4 thoughts on “Triple Coconut Macaroon Cake

  1. Coconut reminds me of warm summer days and dreams of tropical vacations. But with no summer in sight or sunny vacation plans a slice of this scrumptious cake would soothe my winter blues. Maybe even a slice for breakfast. That would be the way to begin a winter day!

    • Yes, a slice of this cake offered a sunny and bright, be it momentary, reprieve from our rainy Southern CA days.

  2. If this recipe did not use flour but rather something like almond flour, I could be used as a Passover cake. Any thoughts?

    • Bonnie, the same thought crossed my mind. Cake meal and almond flour could possibly make for acceptable substitutions for the flour, however, the baking soda would have to be omitted too, which would create a leavening problem. Could make for a fun experiment!