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Challah with Everything Bagel Topping

Challah Recipe with Everything Bagel Topping

Life never ceases to amaze me.  Blessings come in the most unexpected ways.  Occasionally they even show up in the aftermath of catastrophe. My sister-in-law Sherry was my inspiration/nudge for starting Sifting Focus.  Over three decades ago, when I first … Continue reading

Cherry Bomb Quick Bread

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Cherry Bomb Quick Bread Recipe

A quick bread recipe based on the ingredients found in a cocktail?  You betcha!  It’s got to be good, right?  And it is! Earlier this summer I dog-eared a recipe for a Cherry Bomb Cocktail I happened upon in one … Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Bread – Plain and Simple

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Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

Bananas represent a kind of edible security blanket for me.  Never a need to feel hungry if there is a bunch of canary yellow bananas sitting on my counter.  A quick and nutritious snack is always at hand.  And although … Continue reading

Beer Bread Re-visited

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Beer Bread Recipe

I awoke early this morning to yet another day of pounding rain and wind.  I’m not complaining, as heavy rain days are as close as we Southern Californians get to snow days.  It’s Sunday, and as such, the day was … Continue reading

Pumpkin Bread with Brown Butter Maple Glaze

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Pumpkin Bread with Brown Butter Maple Glaze Recipe

This pumpkin bread almost didn’t happen.  It was destined to be an utter failure. I messed up big time when I was executing what is actually a very straight-forward recipe. I’m willing to wage a bet that you too have … Continue reading