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Cherry Tomato Crostata with Goat Cheese and Za’atar

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Cherry Tomato Tart with Za'atar Recipe

Although I wasn’t really aware of it as a young girl, I grew up in an area that offered the best of all worlds.  Ours was a small’ish’ town, nestled between the tall buildings and bustling streets of Cincinnati to … Continue reading

Cabbage, Leek, and Bacon Tart

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Cabbage, Leek, and Bacon Tart Recipe

With Pi Day fast approaching, and St. Patrick’s Day just a few days off, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and bring you this versatile tart, which technically isn’t a pie, but it is a close … Continue reading

Apple Cheddar and Thyme Crostata

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Apple Cheddar and Thyme Crostata Recipe

In an effort to use up every delectable apple we schlepped 3000 miles from our trip to an apple farm in New Jersey, I bring you another apple dessert, or is it an appetizer, or both.  You decide.  Either way, … Continue reading

Duck Fat Biscuits with Spicy Tomato Jam

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Duck Fat Biscuits with Spicy Tomato Jam Recipe

Frying chicken is an art, and one which my Dad had more than mastered during his lifetime.  Dad made the best-ever fried chicken!  I don’t think he ever tired of that labor intensive task, possibly because of how much he … Continue reading

Jalapeño Cheddar and Blackberry Scones

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Jalapeno Cheddar Blackberry Scones Recipe

Would you agree that a scone is just a biscuit all dressed up?  Straight across, a basic biscuit and a basic cream scone are very much alike.  Flour, fat, a liquid, and you are pretty much on the road to … Continue reading