Triple Coconut Macaroon Cake

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Triple Coconut Macaroon Cake Recipe

There’s no ambivalence when it comes to coconut, either you’re a lover, or a hater.  I’m a lover.  My love affair with coconut began way back in my childhood, somewhere between my first Mounds Bar and my Dad’s German Chocolate … Continue reading

Pecan Pie Bars

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Pecan Pie Bars Recipe

I have quite the collection of cookbooks.  Some people might think it excessive, but I think of each and everyone of them as a friend.  I spend endless hours flipping through their pages, inhaling the smell and savoring the taste … Continue reading

Salted Sesame Caramel Macaroons

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Salted Sesame Caramel Macaroons Recipe

Around this time of year, I start flipping through my ‘Passover’ file to get reacquainted with the recipes I have collected specifically for the celebration of Passover – most of them are recipes for desserts that don’t contain flour.   … Continue reading

Black Walnut Coconut Cake | Memories of Dad

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Black Walnut Coconut Cake Recipe

Dad was special in a lot of ways.  It’s no secret that he and I had a close relationship.  I spent most of my childhood by his elbow in the kitchen of the house on Linden.  I make no excuses … Continue reading

Italian Cream Cake…and a Milestone Birthday

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Italian Cream Cake with Mascarpone Buttercream Recipe

This birthday is not a milestone birthday for the reason you might think. It isn’t the beginning of a new decade for me.  No, it’s much more significant than that.  Ten years ago, just a day or two before my … Continue reading