Grave Robber’s Cake and a Guest Post

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Grave Robber's Cake for Halloween

My incredibly talented daughter has grown to become quite a talented baker in her own right.  She continues to blow me away with her creativity and skills as an artist, baker, and all around amazing person.  I thought it was … Continue reading

Black Cocoa Bundt Cake with Butter Bourbon Glaze

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Black Cocoa Bundt Cake Recipe

The months pass and I am drawn back to my kitchen and camera over and over again.  It’s been three years now, and still I find baking to be as enticing and intoxicating as ever.  Sure, there are days, many … Continue reading

Umbrian Snowflake Cookies

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It was the ‘snow’ covered look of these festive cookies that stole my heart.  I felt certain that whatever surprise was hidden inside, it would be just as enticing as the powdery flakey exterior. Snowflakes rarely dance about in Southern … Continue reading

Chocolate Spice Madeleines

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Chocolate Spice Madeleines Recipe

More than any other year I can remember since moving West have I longed for the Fall weather I knew growing up in Kentucky.  I want to shiver in the mornings as I slip from underneath my down comforter and … Continue reading

‘Intensely’ Chocolate Streusel Muffins

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Chocolate Streusel Muffins Recipe

Where have I been you ask?  I’ve been living life!   When my schedule gets particularly busy, I am glad this blog is just a hobby and not a job.  If it were a job, I would have been fired … Continue reading