Cherry Tomato Crostata with Goat Cheese and Za’atar

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Cherry Tomato Tart with Za'atar Recipe

Although I wasn’t really aware of it as a young girl, I grew up in an area that offered the best of all worlds.  Ours was a small’ish’ town, nestled between the tall buildings and bustling streets of Cincinnati to … Continue reading

Raspberry Coconut Goat Cheese Cheesecake

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Raspberry Coconut Goat Cheese Cheesecake Recipe

Somewhere deep in my brain, this recipe appeared.  The genesis may have been the beautiful organic raspberries I spied at my local Trader Joe’s store the other day.  Or, maybe it was the goat cheese in my refrigerator calling out … Continue reading

Green Chile and Goat Cheese Cornbread

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"Cornbread gets a hint of tang from goat cheese and a touch of spiciness from green chiles in this recipe for Cornbread with Goat Cheese and Green Chilies"

Have you ever “misplaced”  something in your own home that you absolutely knew you had laid your eyes on just days before?  It was right there, and then magically, or better yet, mysteriously, it went missing.  You think you are … Continue reading

Ricotta and Thyme Pie

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"Delicious thyme scented, custard filled, cornmeal crusted tarts."

Pie!  I have never met a pie I didn’t like.  If it rests in or between two crusts, I will eat it.  For me, it’s all about the crust.  Memories of my Grandma making pie dough go way back to … Continue reading