Wellesley Fudge Cake

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Wellesley Fudge Cake Recipe

Can you imagine the mayhem that would ensue in today’s world if a top college official banned sweets from the diet of its students. Unimaginable, right?  Believe it or not, in the late 1800s, that is exactly what the founder … Continue reading

Old-Time Penuche

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Old-Time Penuche Recipe

Every year around the holidays, I have this bright idea to make homemade candy to give as gifts.  My intention is to make fudge, divinity and nougat, creamed candy, and brittle.  I plan on wrapping it all up in beautifully … Continue reading

Chocolate Malt Cake with Malted Milk Frosting

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Chocolate Malt Cake with Malted Milk Frosting Recipe

I was betwixt and between, one foot lingering in San Francisco, while the other was inching its way back into my kitchen some 350 miles away.  I attended a conference in the City by the Bay this past week,  and as I sat taking … Continue reading