Espresso Gingerbread Cake

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Espresso Gingerbread Cake Recipe

The Santa Ana winds were gusting Sunday night,  and just as I had predicted, the power went out.  Likely to find myself in the dark before the evening was over, I had lit candles throughout the house and tucked a … Continue reading

Pumpkin Ice Cream with a Fig Walnut Cognac Swirl in Gingerbread Waffle Bowls

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Pumpkin Ice Cream with a Fig Walnut Cognac Swirl in a Gingerbread Waffle Bowl Recipe

Can we talk about Thanksgiving dessert for just a minute? Aren’t most of us moaning and groaning from fullness once we have consumed our Thanksgiving meals?  Who among us, when faced with glistening golden turkey, gravy, stuffing and sweet potatoes, … Continue reading

Christmas Cookie Countdown and Gingerbread Cookies

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"Gingerbread Cookie Recipe"

I realize that my recent posts could be interpreted as more complaining rather than explaining the reasons I have been so busy that posting is presenting a challenge,  but honestly, I really am enjoying all the hubbub of Holidays.  There are so … Continue reading