Cherry Tomato Crostata with Goat Cheese and Za’atar

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Cherry Tomato Tart with Za'atar Recipe

Although I wasn’t really aware of it as a young girl, I grew up in an area that offered the best of all worlds.  Ours was a small’ish’ town, nestled between the tall buildings and bustling streets of Cincinnati to … Continue reading

Duck Fat Biscuits with Spicy Tomato Jam

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Duck Fat Biscuits with Spicy Tomato Jam Recipe

Frying chicken is an art, and one which my Dad had more than mastered during his lifetime.  Dad made the best-ever fried chicken!  I don’t think he ever tired of that labor intensive task, possibly because of how much he … Continue reading

Heirloom Tomato Pie

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"Heirloom Tomato Pie Recipe"

The August farmer’s markets are ripe with the most varied and flavorful tomatoes of the year.  I wait patiently all summer for the peak of the crop to hit the stands.  Never are they as tasty and full of flavor … Continue reading