Goat’s Milk Chocolate and Toffee Cream Pie

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Goat's Milk Chocolate Toffee Cream Pie Recipe

Pie!  The comfort food of desserts. So humble and unpretentious.  Even the most elegant pie doesn’t yearn to be recognized as anything other than ordinary in the universe of desserts.  It has no need to show off, or hog the … Continue reading

Spiced and Spiked Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

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Chocolate Pumpkin Cake with Spiced and Spiked Whipped Cream Recipe

I’m pretending it feels like Autumn around here even though the temperatures are rising instead of falling. I’ve lost patience waiting for cooler weather so I’ve been making lots of big hearty meals and tummy warming soups in spite of … Continue reading

Stack Pie | Two Years Blogging

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Stack Pie Recipe

It seems as though the hands on the clock went round especially fast these past twelve months.  Wasn’t it just yesterday I was posting about my one year Blog-iversary?  I felt like such a new-by, and compared to so many … Continue reading

Lacquered Angel Food Cake

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Lacquered Angel Food Cake Recipe

Oh my, buckle your seat belts and get ready to experience one of the best desserts ‘I’ve’ ever tasted.  I’m not kidding.  It takes a lot to knock my socks off when it comes to desserts since I am a baker … Continue reading

Chocolate Gooey Almond Cake

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Chocolate Gooey Almond Cake Recipe

This chocolate cake does for dessert what the little black dress did for fashion.  Take a simple black dress, slip on pumps and add an eye catching accessory and you’re good to go.  Same dress, different jewelry, switch out the … Continue reading