Kentucky Blackberry Jam Cake

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Kentucky Blackberry Jam Cake Recipe

We lost our Mom in August of 2015.  Mom didn’t leave behind very much, she was a woman of few possessions and content to be that way.  What she did leave me and my ten siblings was her collection of … Continue reading

Spiced Shortbread Cookies

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Spiced Shortbread Cookie Recipe

I’ll admit, I’m a bit tardy getting this recipe to you.  As apparent from the warm colors and Fall leaves on the background linen, I shot these photos pre-Thanksgiving.  Ignoring the seasonal feel of the photos, this recipe easily transitions … Continue reading

Apple Walnut Bread with Brown Sugar Glaze

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Apple Walnut Bread with Brown Sugar Glaze Recipe

In my last post I shared with you about my Mom, and the incredible grief I was experiencing following her passing.  I’m still struggling and I expect I will be for a while.  I’ve not wanted to bring my sadness … Continue reading

German Coffeecakes and Remembering Gee Gee

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Cinnamon Crumb Coffeecake Recipe and Cheese Kuchen Recipe

Oh, the magical powers of flour, sugar, yeast and butter.  With my wooden spoon as a wand, and a touch of alchemy, could I conjure up a cake just like Gee Gee’s? He was articulate in his description.  Holding up … Continue reading

Spice Cake with Caramel Swiss Buttercream

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Once upon a time I was intimidated by the prospect of making caramel from scratch.  A pot of boiling hot sugar can induce fear in even the most accomplished of cooks and bakers.  I can’t recall my first successful caramel … Continue reading