Chocolate Fudge Cake and Happy Birthday Dad!

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"Simply divine Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake"Birthdays were pretty special events when I was growing up.  They were usually simple family celebrations and a cake and candles were always at the center.  Occasionally we were allowed to invite a few of our neighborhood friends, however, elaborate field trips to amusement parks, bowling alleys, or restaurants with a full roster of classmates in tow would have been unthinkable. Nevertheless, I have happy memories of being “Queen for the Day”, and the elevated status among a sea of siblings that came with it."Moist and fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake"Days or even weeks ahead I would begin contemplating my cake request for my special day.  Although I have little memory of my preference during my earlier years, I know that eventually my favorite became as predictable as the sun coming up every morning – chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and M&Ms for decoration.  Oh, the joy those cakes brought with them.  And although as a child the excitement may have been more about the tissue wrapped presents that followed the singing of Happy Birthday, the lasting gift is the memory I have of those special cakes made just for me."What a way to celebrate someone's birthday with this Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake"My dad was more of the cake baker in our family.  The cakes he made were a product of the “cake mix” era.  Not that I have any problem at all with cake mixes – I even use them myself from time to time – I just generally bake my cakes from scratch.  However, although my Dad did use a mix, he never used it straight from the box.  He doctored it up with a pudding mix, nuts or a variety of other embellishments.  Maybe that was the reason my birthday cakes always tasted so special.  Or, maybe it was the added ingredient of love that went into their making."Deep dark chocolate fudgy goodness in this Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake"Somewhere over the years I found this recipe for a delicious, chocolate, fudge frosted cake.  I don’t recall exactly when or why I made it the first time.  What I do remember is the rave reviews it received.  Since then I have made it more times than I could ever count.  It has been served at birthday celebrations, family dinners or whenever I had a hankering for chocolate.  There are splatters all over the page in the cookbook where it originated – just as there should be!  This recipe is so highly regarded by my family that when we had an antique mantle installed in our living room, it was one of the things we chose for the time capsule we placed in the wall before it was sealed up."Sing Happy Birthday with this Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake"Today would have been my Dad’s 84th birthday.  Sadly he passed away several years ago.  Today I celebrate his life and the life he gave to me.  His memory shines brightly whenever I bake a cake and whenever I reminisce about the birthdays when I was “Queen for a Day”!

Source:  Adapted from Marlene Sorosky’s Year-Round Holiday Cookbook

14 thoughts on “Chocolate Fudge Cake and Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. Great recipe !!! Jim, Justin and the neighbors loved it. I would love to try a butter cream icing the next time, any suggestions?

  2. Made this cake yesterday 🙂 Followed your recipe to a T and it turned out wonderfully! Veery chocolately, I do like the previous suggestion of maybe a buttercream frosting to take the edge off the chocolate, but if you’re in the mood for a chocolate cake this is a great recipe! All around it was wonderful. 3/4 of the cake was devoured in 5 seconds by my mom, steve, teresa, jordan and lauren. They all say thanks for a great recipe!

    • So glad you gave the recipe a try. You are a natural baker. Keep up the good work. Next time, maybe you want to invite ME over for a piece. 🙂

  3. ps. You’ve made this cake for me in the past and yours was much better than mine, I think I might’ve left it in for a few minutes too long because it didn’t have that same moistness that yours did, o well! There are worse things than having to bake another cake 🙂

  4. hi this looks like an awsome recipe! can u substitute the chocolate for cocoa and does the recipe require 3 ounces of chocolate?

    • Mel, cocoa would not work as a substitute in this cake. Since baking is based on chemistry, it would completely change the outcome of the cake. And yes, the cake requires 3 ounces of unsweetened chocolate.

  5. I going to attempt this cake for Christmas. My only question is
    if I don’t have Half & half is there something I can use as the substitute?

    • Marlene, I apologize for not responding until now. In answering your question, I think cream might make a suitable substitute. I’m not sure if it would be successful with milk. As I have never tested this recipe with anything other than half and half, I’m not sure I can make a recommendation. Please let me know if you made the cake and if so, how it turned out.

      • Mary,
        No worries! I managed to get out and grab some half &
        half cream as I wasn’t sure if using table cream or regular milk
        would work. I did make this cake for Christmas Day and although I myself didn’t have a piece of it I was told it was delicious and I’ve been requested to make it again already….it was fairly away to make and your suggestion to put parchment paper
        around the cake when spreading the icing was spot on…had I not
        done that it would’ve been a mess to try and make presentable!!! Well done and I’ll for sure be making this again!!

        • So glad it worked out for you and that it was well received. It is one of my most treasured recipes – a cake that has been a part of our family celebrations for years.