Atlantic Beach Pie – “Oh My God”

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Atlantic Beach Pie RecipeMany thanks Jacob for introducing me to this recipe!

I received an email from my nephew recently with a link to an article from NPR’s Found Recipes series.  It had peaked his interest even though he admittedly isn’t fond of citrus pies.  Nevertheless, he was enticed by a couple aspects of the recipe.  A crust made from saltine crackers was most intriguing to him, and I too found the crust alone was enough of a reason to try this pie.  Also, the recipe seemed like such a cinch to make that it made it even more attractive.  I’m not sure if he was baiting me or simply sharing, but I jumped to it immediately.  When a nephew takes the time to follow my blog and suggest a recipe, I am happy to oblige whatever the reason.

Atlantic Beach Pie RecipeAtlantic Beach Pie RecipeThe article from NPR is titled A North Carolina Pie That Elicits an ‘Oh My God’ Response, and indeed it does.  In addition to satisfying the combination of ‘sweet and salty’ so desirous in desserts these days, it can be made in a jiffy, which proves the point that a delicious recipe doesn’t have to be complicated, ingredient heavy, and time intensive.
Atlantic Beach Pie RecipeI had a difficult time putting the fork down and walking away from a slice of this Southern creation.  I quickly divided it up and delivered it to my neighbors for fear I would loose the battle with my own self-control.  I’m certain that come summer I will be resurrecting this recipe for the perfect dessert while dining al fresco on a warm evening.  It’s likely I won’t be able to wait that long before being lured back by the memory of that tangy lemon/lime filling nestled inside a crunchy, salty crust.
Atlantic Beach Pie RecipeYou can find the recipe at the link above.  I have not shared it within my post since I made no adaptations to the original.  I wanted to experience it the way its creator had intended.  The only creative license I took was in using a combination of both lemon and lime juice, which Mr. Smith said was perfectly acceptable.

15 thoughts on “Atlantic Beach Pie – “Oh My God”

  1. Mary, that looks decadent! I actually like your photo better than the original authors. This is the kind of thing I occasionally miss since we have gone GF. It might be worth coming up with a GF coconut crust to try it out! That could be a delicious combination. Love the rustic props too. I’ve got to find more of them to shoot with. Where did you find them?

    • Thanks Sally. I get many of my props at flea markets. Going to flea markets is a hobby my husband and I share. Such fun treasure hunting.

  2. I read about this recipe and thought about purchasing saltines just to make a pie and moved on. BUT, with another stellar review saltines are now on my grocery list! Besides I never need much encouragement to make a citrus dessert!

    • I think you will be pleased if you do give it a try. I am currently visiting my mom and have purchased what I need to make it for her – okay, for me – well, for both of us. I know she is going to love it.

  3. What a beautiful pie, Mary!! I was thinking about you last week; I bought a new baking cookbook from Amazon and was wondering if you already had it. It’s about making the insides of cake look like artwork. If anyone I know would love it, it’s you!!!


    • Thanks Kim! I think the book you are referring to is called “Bake It Like You Mean It”. If so, I got it a short while ago but I haven’t made anything from it yet. Soon, I hope!

    • Anything’s possible. I assume you are asking if I would like you to make this pie for me on Mother’s Day 🙂

  4. As the nephew mentioned I must say that my aunt has made this pie even more enticing to me! Full disclosure, I shared the NPR story with the hopes it would inspire a blog post. As a result I’m totally inspired to make this pie myself. : )

  5. Hi everyone. I am lucky enough to be a friend and neighbor of Mary’s. We are also lucky enough to have Mary drop samples off at our house occasionally. We loved this pie so much ! It’s the most exquisite blend of sweet and sour ! It’s a thousand times easier than a lemon merengue pie which I would never attempt anyway :).
    I asked Mary to make it for me for a dinner party last night, but she was going out of town. She assured me that I could make it. Even I could make it (I have never been a “baker” ) !
    So, it was really easy – I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out perfectly. I whipped the cream earlier in the day so I would have the taste of real whipped cream. I used freshly squeezed limes and lemons as well.
    I can’t wait to bring this to book club and every other occasion that comes up – my new specialty ! Thanks for sharing, Mary :).

    • Way to go Virginia! I knew you could do it. Thanks for the confirmation that this really is an easy pie to make. Next time you make it, bring a piece next door to me. I love receiving home baked goods as well. YUM!

  6. This is literally the easiest pie I have ever made, and one of the most delicious!!! It keeps for a long time in the fridge, and is perfect for a light dessert after a heavy meal (or just on its own for breakfast…or lunch….or dinner…) Give it a try and you WON’T be disappointed!!!