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Chocolate Soufflé Brownies RecipeHow lucky am I?  I have been writing this blog for just over a year and in that time I have had the great fortune of baking for my blog with three of my lovely nieces.  Grace came all the way from Kentucky to spend this past week with me.  When she arrived, I asked her to tell me the three top things she wanted to do while visiting California.  Number two on the list was, “be on your blog”.  I was completely flattered!  Who remembers what number one was.  Flattery aside, her desires may have been fueled by a bit of competition that arose following her cousin Chloe’s visit last summer.   Regardless, I feel like the luckiest Aunt in the world to have nieces who want to visit me, and I am especially touched that they follow my blog.
Baking Brownies with Grace
Chocolate Soufflé Brownies with GraceIn between shopping, a day at Venice Beach, a quick day trip to Santa Barbara, and the requisite day at Disneyland, we managed to schedule in an afternoon of baking.  Grace is a big fan of chocolate and so that is where the hunt began to find something fun and yummy to make together.  We found our way to brownies, but with the choices in that classification quite vast, we continued our search for something unique within the category.  I was quite intrigued with this recipe for Souffle Brownies, and likewise, Grace agreed that it sounded like an interesting recipe to try.  Just like Chloe and Coco, Grace too is quite skilled in the kitchen.  It warms my heart to know that the younger generation is embracing the skills and desire for the craft of baking.  Watching Grace assemble the brownies was like a window into my own childhood.  I baked at every opportunity, and the happiest of those memories are the ones when I was sharing the kitchen with my Dad.  I’m hopeful that Grace and I created some long lasting memories as well.
Chocolate Soufflé Brownies Recipe
Chocolate Soufflé Brownies RecipeAs for the Soufflé Brownies, they were as unique as I had anticipated.  In all my many years of eating and baking brownies, I have never run across one just like these.  The key to the success of this recipe is not over-baking them.  When pulled from the oven at just the right time, the resulting brownie is fine-crumbed and densely chocolate, with a light fudgy top layer that mimics frosting.  Grace is not a nut lover so these brownies suited her just fine.  I however, missed the bite and added flavor of nuts.  Next time I make these I will add a healthy dose of walnuts.
Chocolate Soufflé Brownies Recipe with Grace


Source:  Adapted from Rosie’s Chocolate-Packed, Jam Filled, Butter-Rich Cookie Book


10 thoughts on “Chocolate Soufflé Brownies | Baking With Grace

  1. The brownies look devine, and your niece is adorable. I love the title of your blog, too, “Baking with Grace,” a beautiful play on words. By the way Mary, my new website is up (finally!) Take a look:
    See you soon!

  2. That’s adorable how our nieces want to visit and bake with you. I hope one day I’ll have the same pleasure! These brownies sound amazing! I can already list at least 5 people I know who will love the intensity of these brownies.

    • These brownies are different than any I have ever made or tasted before, however, I was smitten with their uniqueness.

  3. It must have been so nice for you to have your niece visit! Looks like a lovely time together.

    I’m thinking these would be WONDERFUL with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. :)


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